What is Cosmodome?


Cosmodome is an inflatable dome system, with digital mirror technology for displaying movies that surround and enthrall audiences.

Domes are safe, ventilated, accessible and portable.

You can simply pack Cosmodome in a car and take it wherever people want to enjoy digital movies in comfort.

What can you do with Cosmodome?


  • Offer an immersive experience, with spectacular images zooming around the dome display surface.

  • Educate children at all school levels about the stars, planets, space and the natural world.

  • Entertain people of all ages, at festivals, libraries, malls, holiday events, meetings – anywhere!

  • Provide incursions – the cheap, convenient, safe means of having excursions without effort and expense.

  • Cosmodome Mirror Projection


    The Cosmodome mirror projection system is made up of an inflatable dome plus a projector, software, mirror and stand.

    Cosmodome has been a pioneer in mirror projection techniques since 2006 and a leader in the field ever since. We supply users all over the world with our efficient, affordable, and easy to operate Cosmodome systems.